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Maas Renewable Energy

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Nordic Geothermal has offices in the UK and France providing our Maas Wärmepumpe and Maas HVAC High-efficiency Space and Hot Water Heating Products to the European and Middle Eastern markets.


Please accept our apologies but our web-site is currently in the process of a live re-build. Please do feel free to e-mail us and let us know if you discover any problem.


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Send us an e-mail from our Contact page with the answers to the questions you will see there and give us whatever additional information you have about your requirements, and we will give you information and prices on all of the options available to you. Click here: Contact Us


To size and select the correct product for your application we need key information from you. Please click on the Contact Us tab on the left of your screen and e-mail us the answers to the listed questions so we can begin to understand your requirements.


Unlike most manufacturers all of our heat pumps are rated at 0°C source/55°C output temperature. That means the kW output of our units are gained under harsher conditions than most manufacturers, have higher outputs in colder conditions, and remain functioning when others will have shut down because it is too cold.


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